Agrisicilia - 30 years of experience

“Agrisicilia” was launched to make jam and marmalade from Sicilian citrus fruit: a field in which it has 30 years of experience.

The citrus fruit has always come from our local area and we have spent years striving to offer nothing but the very best, so we never do anything that might compromise what we’ve achieved with our hard work.

The age-old recipes were in use long before the company was founded, back when we used to make trial batches in copper pans and stir them with wooden spoons.

It all began with endless trials and attempts to find the perfect recipe. We potted everything by hand and went from door to door selling our products. The boot of our car was always full of jam and marmalade to give to local shopkeepers who believed in us. We’re proud that we can still count them among our customers more than 30 years later!

People gave us their backing and showed faith in us by making small orders, thus giving us the strength to keep going and believe in ourselves.

They’d pat us on the back affectionately when we turned up with a trolley full of new flavours to try. The smiles of those who always placed their trust in us gave us the impetus we needed to keep on getting better, in tireless pursuit of our goal: making the very best Sicilian citrus fruit marmalade and jam.

Our Mission

Nothing compares to Sicilian citrus fruit. It is extra special due to the sun, the sea, the salty air and the uniquely varying climate, which is influenced by Mount Etna. Our vast orchards stretch up the slopes of the volcano from the Plain of Catania.

The spellbinding smell of blossom fills the air in the orange groves all around us. Sicily is not always an easy place to live, but we are devoted to our homeland and determined to boost its fortunes with our business ventures. The decision to make jam and marmalade from the delicious citrus fruit that grows in the thriving orchards underlined our love for the island, while also representing a thrilling challenge for us!

Citrus fruit epitomizes the exceptional qualities of Sicily, which are perfectly encapsulated by our jam and marmalade.

We only remove the ends and occasionally the pips, if there are too many of them. All other parts of the citrus fruit are used, in a production process that is entirely carried out by hand.


Our Vision

Our company has outstanding logistics, numerous members of staff and huge production capacity. Although a lot has changed over the years, one thing has always remained the same: the drive to keep looking forward with no distractions, pursuing our one genuine goal!