Jam and marmalade production

AGRISICILIA loves its homeland and the wholesome produce that grows there, so it uses the finest Sicilian citrus fruit to make its jam and marmalade.

The fruit comes from local farms. Over the years, suppliers that always endeavour to offer top quality have naturally come to the fore and been selected for their exceptional standards.

limoni agrisicilia

Nothing but fresh citrus fruit

No semi-finished products such as juice, concentrate, pulp and purée are used. We only work with fresh fruit, which is processed as soon as it is picked so that its aromas, fragrances and flavours remain unchanged.

In addition, the cleaning and preparation is done strictly by hand so that the best fruit can be selected.

Agrisicilia is the epitome of citrus fruit marmalade

Agrisicilia has established partnerships with a number of citrus fruit consortia in Sicily. It has the honour of being the first company in Italy to offer consumers jam and marmalade that is not just of an exceptionally high standard, but also certified and guaranteed by consortia, such as:

  • “Arancia Rossa di Sicilia I.G.P.” marmalade made with the famous Moro, Tarocco and Sanguinello blood oranges traditionally grown on the Plain of Catania.
  • Arancia di Ribera D.O.P.” marmalade made with sweet Navel, Washington Navel and Brasiliano oranges that ripen early thanks to the mild climate and are traditionally grown in Ribera, in the Province of Agrigento.
  • “Limone di Siracusa I.G.P.” marmalade, made with the Femminello lemons traditionally grown in the Syracuse area.

So we can proudly say:
Agrisicilia is the epitome of citrus fruit marmalade!




Unique flavours and combinations

There’s no question that when fruit is selected for making jam and marmalade, the key factor is finding first-rate produce in order to ensure that the quality of the end products is high.

In addition, we aim to offer consumers unique experiences both when they’re choosing products and when they’re tasting them, by creating highly sophisticated fruit combinations and flavours.